How to Add Google Webmaster Tools to Your Website

Google Webmaster Tools provides you with the data, tools and diagnostics for a health, Google-friendly site.  Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Check your site’s health for potential issues that Google has detected.
  • Understand your search traffic and learn how users are finding your site.
  • Make optimizations to help Google better understand and represent your site.

Adding Webmaster Tools

  1. Visit and sign in with yout Google Account.
  2. Enter the URL of the site you want to add in the provided field e.g. then click the ADD A SITE button.
    Webmaster Tools 1
  3. You will be prompted to verify your ownership of the domain name entered. Using the recommended method download the provided HTML file.
    Webmaster Tools 2
  4. Upload the provided HTML file to the “wwwroot” directory of your website using an FTP client or the WebsitePanel File Manager.
  5. Confirm the file has been successfully uploaded by visiting the page in your browser.
  6. Click the VERIFY button.
  7. Your ownership will be verified.
    Note: To keep the ownership verified do not remove the HTML file you uploaded.
    Webmaster Tools 3

You can now start using Google Webmaster Tools on your website.

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