Adding Free Delivery for Orders over a Specific Value

Using the price to/from criteria for a delivery option you can quickly establish free delivery options for orders of a given dollar value.

Creating a New Delivery Option

  1. Enter the “Shopper” section of the administration.
  2. Using the left menu navigate to “Delivery” > “Delivery Add”.
  3. Enter the details for your new delivery option:
    1. Give your delivery option a “Delivery Name” and “Delivery Description“.
    2. Since we want this option to be free set the “Price” as “0.00”.
    3. To establish a minimum order value of $50.00 set the “Price From” to “50.00” and “Price To” to “999999.99
    4. Set the “Quantity From” and “Quantity To” to “0” and “999999” respectively.
    5. Set the “Weight From” and “Weight To” to “0” and “999999” respectively.
    6. Select the “Country” where this delivery option is available e.g. “Australia
    7. If this is a state specific delivery option also select the applicable “State“.
    8. Set “Active” to “Yes“.
    Free Delivery

    Example: Free Australia wide standard delivery for orders of $50.00 or more.

  4. Click “Save” to create your new delivery option.


Note: If you establish a FREE delivery option for orders over a specific value you should also adjust the “Price To” of related paid delivery options so that they no longer appear as a options for customers that are eligible for the FREE delivery option.

For more information about delivery options see Delivery Administration.

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