Adding a Promotional Discount Code in WiseShopper

Creating a Promotional Code

  1. Enter the “Shopper” section of the administration.
  2. Using the left menu navigate to “Promotion” > “Promotion Add”.
  3. Enter the details for your new promotional code:
    1. Give your promotion a “Name”.
    2. Assign a “Code”. This is the code used by customers to receive the promotional discount.
    3. Set the “Start” and “Finish Date” to set the duration of the promotion.
    4. Enter a “Brief Description
    5. Select the type of discount; Percentage (%) or Dollar value ($).
    6. Set the “Discount Percent/Value“.
    Add Promotional Code

    Example: A promotional code valid for the duration of March which applies a 10% discount.

  4. Click “Save” to create the promotional code.

Enabling Promotional Codes

In order for customers to use promotional codes they must be enabled in your websites configuration.

  1. Enter the “General” section of the administration.
  2. Using the left menu navigate to “Config Settings”.
  3. Using the “Name” field search for “Shp.PromotionEnable” setting and set its “Value” to “TRUE”.
    Promotion Configuration
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