Adding Gift Vouchers in WiseShopper

Creating A New Gift Voucher

  1. Enter the “Shopper” section of the administration.
  2. Using the left menu navigate to “Voucher” > “Voucher Add”.
  3. Enter the details for your new Gift Voucher:
    1. Give your voucher a “Name”.
    2. Set the “Voucher Expiry” to determine how long the voucher remains valid after time of purchase e.g. 365 days.
    3. If you wish to create a voucher of a predefined value set the  “Fixed Amounte.g. 50.00 for a $50.00 voucher.
    Voucher Details

    Example: A Gift Voucher with a fixed value of $50.00

  4. Click “Save” to create the Gift Voucher.

Enabling Gift Vouchers

In order for customers to use gift vouchers they must be enabled in your websites configuration.

  1. Enter the “General” section of the administration
  2. Using the left menu navigate to “Config Settings”.
  3. Using the “Name” field search for “Shp.VoucherEnable” setting and set its “Value” to “TRUE”.
    Voucher Configuration

Displaying the Voucher Order Page

If you wish to add a link to the vouchers to the main menu or your website you will need to enable the link to the voucher order page.

  1. Enter the “Shopper” section of the administration.
  2. Using the left menu navigate to “Content” > “Content Group Search”.
  3. Search for “Voucher” or select it from the Content Tree Menu on the right of the page.
  4. Set “Display Link” to “Yes” and “Active” to “Yes”.
    Voucher Content Group Display
  5. Click “Save”.

A link to purchase new gift vouchers should now be visible in your website’s main menu. Alternatively you can link directly to the gift voucher ordering page in your content by using the following URL:

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