Android Email Setup

Setup an email account on an Android device

  1. Find your Email application and open it.
    Android Email 1
  2. Once the Email application is open press the Menu button on your Android device and select Settings from the menu item.
    Android Email 2
  3. Press the [+] icon to begin setting up a new account.
    Android Email 3
  4. Select POP3 account.
    Android Email 4
  5. Enter the following settings for your Incoming server settings:
    • Username:  Your full email address e.g.
    • Password:  Enter the password for your email address
    • POP3 server:
    • Security type: SSL (Accept all certificates)
    • Port: 995

    Android Email 5
    Press [Next] to continue.

  6. Enter the following settings for your Outgoing server settings:
    • SMTP:
    • Security type: SSL (Accept all certificates)
    • Port: 465
    • Require sign-in: Checked
    • Username: Your full email address e.g.
    • Password: Enter the password for your email address

    Android Email 6
    Press [Next] to continue.

  7. Adjust the miscellaneous account options to your liking.
    Android Email 7
    Press [Next] to continue.
  8. Assign a name to your email address. Press [Done] to complete the setup procedure.
    Android Email 8


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