WiseInternet Photography Solutions

The Importance of Product Photography

Organised Beauty Co. Hire Our Studio

Director of Organised Beauty Co, Leah Evans, sought advice from WiseInternet regarding product photography. Leah utilised the resources at WiseInternet’s disposal and hired our studio space for the morning. Together with our project lead, David Lithgow and photographer Gary Phillips, Leah’s product range was professionally photographed in a 4 hours session. Her Cosmetic and Makeup Bags have since been cropped and made ‘web ready’ so the images look great and weigh only a few kilobytes each.

Be wary of me-too photos

“My supplier sent me some photo’s of their product range.. but they were using the same photos on their own website. I decided that I would take my own photos, shoot more photos than they have and offer a variety of angles and detailed shots.” – Leah Evans
The difference is in the detail. The new and detailed photos of the products are sure to improve Leah’s customers shopping experience and give her the best chance at increasing online sales. Great product photos are effectively acting as brand ambassadors.


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