Exporting a Price List PDF

The WiseShopper includes a tool to quickly generate PDF price lists of your products with a branded letterhead for you to print or share digitally.

Export Price List

  1. Enter the Shopper section of the administration.
  2. From the left menu navigate to Price List > Export Price List.
  3. Using the the PDF Price List Categories panel select each category you would like to include in the PDF export.
  4. Using the the PDF Price List Options panel select which properties you would like included with the export (Retail Price is include by default).
To Download / Print the PDF

Click the Print Price List button. This will generate and download the PDF to your local computer.

To Email

Enter an email address in the Email To field and click Email Price List. This will generate and email the PDF to the designated email address.

PDF Price List
PDF Price List Example

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