How to Setup an Online Shop in Australia

The Steps to Setup Your Online Business

This is a checklist of tasks you will need to complete when starting a new online business.

These are some of the main items. Of course, there are so many more things involved in starting an online business. However, this list of the main items will certainly help get you started.

If you are ready to launch a new website, or have recently launched, see further information about launching a website and some basic strategy in 5 Steps to a Successful Website Implementation.

Setup Checklist

  1. Register your business name
    e.g. WiseInternet
  2. Register your domain name
    Register for an Australian business
    If the .com is available then it is worthwhile registering that too
  3. Decide on your business structure
    Sole trader, partnership, company, etc.
  4. Apply for your ABN (Australian Business Number)
  5. Open bank account in your business name.
  6. Setup your business phone number
  7. Setup your business email address
    Using your domain name, e.g.
  8. Setup a temporary website holding page
    Include: – Your contact details
    – Business description
  9. Setup SecurePay payment gateway
    All-in-one credit card payment gateway
    No setup fees
    No merchant facility required
    2.4% fee per transaction
    For and against of SecurePay
  10. Setup PayPal business account
    No setup fees
    2.4% fee per transaction
    For and against of PayPal
  11. Select your shipping companies and determine shipping costs for your goods
    e.g. Australia Post
  12. Compile your website legal content
    Website privacy policy
    Website disclaimer
    Website terms and conditions
  13. Compile your customer information
  14. Compile your product information
  15. Design and develop your online shopping website
  16. Add your product and customer information to website
    This includes optimising content for search engines
  17. Test all aspects of your website at a staging url
    Create orders as a customer and test ordering process from end to end
  18. Purchase and install an SSL certificate on your website
    Required if you are accepting payments from credit cards or PayPal
  19. Register and install Google Analytics
  20. Launch website
    See successful website implementation article
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