July 2016 Meetup Summary

Creating a Live Local Development Server to Save Time

Richard Johnston

Richard demonstrated how he is saving a lot of time by using a local server setup to develop and stage his websites from the same location. This prevents the uploading of sites using FTP for clients to preview and also allows him to not release the site to clients’ servers until payment has been received.

Is It Hacked? Identifying a Compromised WordPress Site

Chris Burgess
Chris walked us through ways to identify whether a WordPress site has been compromised.

WP-CLI Tips and Tricks

David McDonald
An interesting talk by David demonstrating how he uses WP-CLI to manage WordPress websites.

Flexible Custom Builds Using the Divi Builder Plugin and Custom Divi Modules.

Phil Smart
Phil spoke about the using Divi Builder for the websites he develops. He included the benefits, but also the frustrating aspects of using Divi Builder.

Power BI for Developers

Peter Myers

In this session we learnt about the new generation of Power BI. How Power BI delivers access to data and insights with Software as a Service (SaaS), and specifically what can be achieved by the software developer. The new generation of Power BI enables developers to configure real-time dashboard scenarios, create custom visualizations and also integrate rich analytics in application experiences by embedding Power BI dashboards, tiles and reports.

Peter demonstrated how to configure real-time dashboards that programmatically push data to the Power BI service using the Power BI REST API.


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