May 2016 Meetup Summary

Melbourne ALT.NET

Microservice Scars

Abhaya Chauhan and Joshua Toth

The presenters work for PageUp, a talent management software company, that is on a journey from monolith to microservices. This talk discussed the lessons learnt from their first microservice. It has been running in production for nine months and looking back, they have scars, but have learnt a lot. In some ways this was a retrospective look at what they achieved, what failed, what worked, and what could have been done better. All sorts of topics were covered ranging from the technical details of their approach, in terms of technology stack, continuous deployments, to the soft skills of stakeholder management and the team dynamic.

See the slides for the presentation:

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Melbourne WordPress Dev Meetup

Seven Times Faster: A Study in Frontend Optimization

Peter Wilson

Peter explained the average web page takes 15 seconds to load and this can lower the PageSpeed score to the low thirties. It is possible with web designers and developers working together sites can be made readable in two seconds. The ultimate aim would be to make the web seven times faster if all sites were optimized to perform better.

Peter spoke about async javascript, organising code better and how to test the performance of your website.

Connected WordPress with Gary Pendergast

Gary Pendergast

Gary spoke about as WordPress grows beyond 25% of the internet, we have a unique opportunity to leverage that power. His talk proposed the Connected WordPress Initiative, which is to connect all WordPress sites together into an Open Platform, for social, sharing and security.

Gary works for Automattic and on WordPress core development.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) in WordPress

Amelia Briscoe

Amelia taught us about how we can use WordPress as a learning management system. Her presentation included how to integrate a LMS with marketing automation and email marketing.
Rainmaker learning management system, built on WordPress and available as a hosted solution only, was demonstrated.

Other WordPress LMS plugins for self-hosted WordPress websites are:

WordPress Melbourne User Group
Ringwood WordPress Meetup

WordPress Page-Builder Plugins

Anthony Hortin

Anthony demonstrated the Beaver Builder plugin for WordPress. It is one of many page-builder plugins available. This page-builder plugin allows you to build professional looking sites with an easy to use drag and drop interface.


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