Enter The Era Of Multi-Site Capability

WiseShopper.NET eCommerce Solution

Multi Stores Planned for 2017 Launch

WiseInternet have been working closely with Melbourne businesses and plan to launch eCommerce Multi-Stores just prior to Christmas and early January 2017. Businesses are taking advantage of the genuine multi-site capabilities of WiseShopper.NET and combining their B2B and B2C websites into one, or in some cases, their multiple B2C websites.

Multiple stores, Multiple Domains, A Single Administration

The ease in which WiseShopper.NET can now assign categories of products to a separate website and domain name from a single administration, has become a highly attractive option for savvy online businesses. Client eCommerce websites may have completely different designs and names, yet are accessible from one easy login. Your eCommerce Manager will be in seventh heaven when he/she discovers a single administration area enables them to run all the online businesses in their care.


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