October 2016 Meetup Summary

Cerebral JS – Making Complex Applications Simple

Elijah Bate and Adam Schroder

Thanks to Adam and Elijah’s presentation and code examples I learned a lot about Cerebral JS. It’s a Javascript framework with a debugger. Well worth spending some time investigating further.

See the presentation slides:

See the code:

First Look at C# 7

Pratik Khasnabis

There’s quite a lot coming in C# 7. A comprehensive overview and demonstration of some of these new features by Pratik.

The Art of Performance

Chris Kawchuck

Chris provided a lively presentation about using Brocade vADC in Azure (and other providers). The demonstration on accelerating website performance and out-of-the-box security was very interesting. We know that large companies like Netflix use the product, but is it viable for smaller installations? We couldn’t get pricing information so we will need to revisit that question at a later date.

Cheerio to the protector of the coffee machine on the front desk, saving the “cash-strapped” Microsoft about $14.87 by slapping an out-of-order sign on two perfectly working machines. Public relations winner there, no surprise we’re replacing humans with people-friendly machines.

WordPress Melbourne User Group
WordPress Developer Meetup

Q&A Session

Various WordPress Luminaries

Gary Prendergast and Peter Nelson answered a lot of questions. having a question and answer night is a bit like an auction where it’s hard to get the first bid, but once it’s “on the market” things really get going. It was like that last night where Peter asked the first question…to himself…sort of like a vendor bid. Fortunately Peter’s own answer to his own question was quite well received and the night kicked off from there.

We heard a lot about the new Rest API being released in 4.7, touched on headless CMS and automatic updates for WordPress core and plugins.

All in all, a good session, informative, well attended and a even more importantly, a good attendance at the pub to wrap up the evening.

WordPress Melbourne User Group
Ringwood WordPress Meetup

Elementor Page Builder

Joel Eade

Joel spoke about a new page building plugin that was only released in June this year, Elementor. Elementor is an open-source plugin that offers a fast live-view design interface with responsive design control. It has well-designed templates to get you started and a library for saving elements for reuse. Thanks to Joel for the insight and demonstration.

Universal Social Media Strategy and Leveraging SEO in Marketing

Elena Zuban

Saijo George consistently puts a lot of work into keeping us updated on all the latest news. There was so much news about Google changes and updates that Saijo had to finish the segment on 2x speed to get through it all.

Saijo’s slides – https://elink.io/p/tl-dr-sep-2016

Elena’s presentation was so thorough and informative. It was practically a full marketing strategy that any business could implement successfully.

Elena spoke about finding a problem and offering the solution. Then going through the whole marketing cycle from testing content, providing the solution, promoting the product and offer to closing the deal. This was a comprehensive presentation about marketing for business. Well done, so much knowledge imparted.

Elena’s presentation – http://files.meetup.com/1776788/universal-marketing-strategy-marketing-seo-elena-zuban.pdf


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