September 2016 Meetup Summary

BDD for an Every Day Developer

Bron Thulke

Bron spoke enthusiastically about using Behaviour-Driven Design when undertaking development for her customers. She spoke about putting Behaviour-Driven Design into practice with real life situations and how it’s never as straight forward as “testing a calculator” like in all the examples.

Bron explained what BDD is, how it can benefit web projects large and small, what the Gherkin language is, and demonstrated how it can be applied in .NET using Specflow (Cucumber for .NET).

Thank-you Bron for an informative presentation.

See the presentation slides:

Quantum Computing Fundamentals via OO

Carl Belle

Carl pointed out that many great resources exist for those who want to learn about quantum computing. Carl pointed out these resources are all well and good, and probably provide a great deal of insight to those equipped to digest them (physicists, mathematicians), but for the rest of us, they appear dense and impenetrable.

Unfortunately for me, even though the presentation was targeted to a novice, I was way below even novice level and I reached my capabilities at the introduction. It was a very detailed and comprehensive presentation, well done Carl.

WordPress Melbourne User Group
Ringwood WordPress Meetup

What’s New in WordPress 4.6

Anthony Hortin

With the recent release of WordPress 4.6, Anthony took a look at what’s new in this release. Anthony also discussed why you should be keeping your site up to date and how to go about doing just that.

Content Marketing Power Panel

David Jenyns, Abbas Heidari, Peter Macinkovic, Chris Burgess

Chris Burgess asked the panel questions about what modern content marketing is, the tools, techniques and processes professional marketers use. The panel shared their knowledge and experience and this was a very informative discussion.

Empowering Your Staff and Company with Analytics

Abbas Heidari

Abbas spoke about how you can use analytics to empower your staff, get them to be enthused about the analytics results and enable them to feel they have some ownership of the charts and figures presented.


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