Setting up Email Whitelists

If you find legitimate emails from certain senders are often caught in your Junk Mail folder or you want to ensure that mail from specific senders is not flagged as spam you can setup a “Whitelist” in WiseInternet SmarterMail using Content Filtering.

Adding a “Whitelist” Content Filter

  1. Visit
  2. Login using your full email address and password.
  3. From the Icon Menu on the left click Settings.
  4. Under Filtering in the tree menu click Content Filtering.
  5. Click New to create a new filter.
    Whitelist 1
  6. Under From Address check the From specific addresses.Whitelist 2
    Click Next.
  7. Check the OR – One or more criteria must be met option then under From Address enter the email addresses you wish to “Whitelist” in the provided field (one per line).
    Whitelist 3
    When all your email addresses have been added click Next.
    Note: You can return to this Content Filter at a later date and add additional email addresses as required.
  8. Complete the following:
    • Name: Assign a name to this Content Filter e.g. Whitelist
    • Move Message: Checked and set to Inbox

    Whitelist 4
    Click Save to complete the setup of your Content Filter.

WiseInternet SmarterMail offers a multitude of options to filter emails.  You have control to adjust the Content Filtering settings to suit your requirements.

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