Speed Up Your WordPress Website With W3 Total Cache Plugin

The W3 Total Cache plugin offers easy Web Performance Optimization using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support – All designed to improve user experience and page speed.

Getting Started

The W3 Total Cache Plugin offers an array of options and settings. You may wish to start with the settings outlined below.

Once the plugin has been installed on your WordPress website a Performance menu will be added to your Dashboard. Navigate to Performance > General Settings.

Start with the following General Settings:

Page Cache:

  • Page cache: Enabled.
  • Page cache method: Disk Enhanced.


  • Minify: Disabled.

Database Cache:

  • Database cache: Enabled.
  • Database cache method: Disk.

Object Cache:

  • Object cache: Enabled.
  • Object cache method: Disk.

Browser Cache:

  • Browser cache: Enabled.


  • CDN: Disabled.

Reverse Proxy:

  • Varnish cache purging: Disabled.

Network Performance and Security:

  • CloudFlare: Disabled.


  • New Relic: Disabled.


  • Google Page Speed Dashboard Widget: Disabled.
  • Verify rewrite rules: Enabled.
  • Enable file locking: Disbaled.
  • Optimize disk enhanced page and minify disk caching for NFS: Disabled.


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