Thunderbird Email Setup

Setup an email account using Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird.
  2. Click Create a new account.
    Thunderbird Tutorial 1
  3. If prompted “Would you like a new email address?” click the Skip this and use my existing email button.
    Thunderbird Tutorial 2
  4. Type Your name, Email address and email address Password into the fields provided.
    Thunderbird Tutorial 3
  5. Click [Continue].
  6. Thunderbird will attempt to automatically select the server host name, port number, SSL and Authentication settings for you. These settings will likely need to be adjusted so you can click [Manual Config] to skip ahead.
  7. Modify the incoming settings to:
    • Incoming protocol: Select POP3 from the drop down
    • Incoming server hostname:
    • Incoming port: 995
    • Incoming SSL: SSL
    • Incoming authentication: Normal password
  8. Modify the outgoing settings to:
    • Outgoing protocol: SMTP Outgoing server
    • hostname:
    • Outgoing port: 465
    • Outgoing SSL: SSL
    • Outgoing authentication: Normal password

    Thunderbird Tutorial 4

  9. Ensure you modify the Username settings to your full email address e.g. 
  10. Click [Done].
  11. Click [Confirm Security Exception]. To find out more about this warning, see the SSL on Shared SMTP Service page.

Thunderbird will verify that the setting are correct and complete the creation of your email account.


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