WebsitePanel File Manager

WebsitePanel includes a File Manager which allows you to upload, add, edit or remove files on your WiseInternet hosted website. The File Manager is ideal for making small changes or for those users who do not use an FTP application.

Accessing WebsitePanel

  1. Visit the and login to your WiseInternet account.
  2. From the menu click Services then My Services from the fly-out.
    Website Panel Access 1
  3. A list of all your WiseInternet hosting services will be displayed.  Click the View Details button associated with hosting account you wish to access.
    Website Panel Access 2
  4. Click the Login to Control Panel (One-Click Login) link and you will be logged into WebsitePanel to manage your WiseInternet hosting account.

File Manager

  1. From the Hosting Spaces panel click File Manager from the fly out.
    Website Panel Access 5
  2. You can now use the File Manager tools to add, edit or remove files from your website.
    Website Panel Access 6
    Note: For files to be publicly accessible in a browser they will need to reside within the wwwroot folder.
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