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Windows Live Mail Setup

Setup a new email account using Windows Live Mail

If you are looking to adjust an existing email address in Windows Live Mail skip below.

  1. Open Windows Live Mail.
  2. Navigate to the Accounts tab.
  3. Click Email.
    Windows Live Tutorial 1

  4. Complete the following information:
    • Email Address:  The email account you wish to connect to.
    • Password: Email account password.
    • Display name for your sent messages:  Name you wish displayed for this email address.
    • Manually configure server settings: Checked.

    Windows Live Tutorial 2
    Click [Next].

  5. Complete the following information under Incoming Server Information:
    • Server type:  POP
    • Server address:
    • Port:  995
    • Requires a secure connection (SSL): Checked.
    • Authenticate using: Clear text.
    • Logon user name: Your full email address e.g. 

    and the following information under Outgoing Server Information:

    • Server address:
    • Port:  465
    • Requires a secure connection (SSL): Checked.
    • Requires authentication: Checked.

    Windows Live 3
    Click [Next].

  6. Your email address should be ready to use in Windows Live Mail.
    Windows Live 4
    If you need to correct an error or make adjustments to an existing email account continue with the steps below.

Adjust an existing email account in Windows Live Mail

  1. Open Windows Live Mail.
  2. From the Menu fly-out select Options then Email accounts.
    Windows Live 5
  3. Select the desired email account thenclick [Properties].
    Windows Live 6
  4. Navigate to the Servers tab then update your settings:
    • My incoming mail server is a:  POP3
    • Incoming mail (POP3):
    • Outgoing mail (SMTP):
    • Email username: Your full email address e.g.
    • Password: Your email address password.
    • Log on using clear text authentication: Checked.

    Under Outgoing Mail Server:

    • My server requires authentication: Checked.

    Windows Live 7
    Click [Settings…].

  5. From the Outgoing Mail Server pop-up ensure Use same settings as my incoming mail server  is selected.
    Windows Live 8
    Click [OK].
  6. Switch to the Advanced tab and update the following settings under Server Port Numbers:
    • Outgoing mail (SMTP):  465
    • This server requires a secure connection (SSL): Checked.
    • Incoming mail (POP3):  995
    • This server requires a secure connection (SSL): Checked.

    Windows Live 9
    Click [Apply] then [OK].

  7. Your email account should now be ready to use.


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