WordPress Plug-in: Flexible Posts Widget

Flexible Posts Widget is a simple alternative to the default Recent Posts widget. With many per-instance options it is highly customizable and allows advanced users to display the resulting posts virtually any way imaginable.

Version 3.0 is a major enhancement as widgets can now get posts by BOTH post type and/or taxonomy and term as well as select multiple post types and terms. Previous versions of the plugin only allowed post type OR taxonomy and term queries, not both.

Features and options

  • Customizable widget title
  • Get posts via post type(s) and/or taxonomy and term(s).
  • Control the number of posts displayed and the number of posts to offset.
  • Option to display the post feature image.
  • Select the post feature image size to display from existing image sizes: thumbnail, medium, large, post-thumbnail or any size defined by the current theme.
  • Order posts by: date, ID, title, menu order, random; and sort posts: ascending or descending.
  • Each widget’s output can be customized by user-defined templates added to the current theme folder.

Note: You need to make a folder in you current theme’s directory called flexible-posts-widget and add any custom templates there, not in the plugin’s views folder.

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