WordPress Managed Hosting Plans

WiseInternet WordPress Hosting is a fully managed service for clients where we have developed their WordPress websites.

If you have an existing WordPress website you would like us to manage then a thorough review of your website will be undertaken prior to hosting commencing.

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All plans include scheduled database and file backups, WordPress plugin updates and WordPress system updates.

Our WordPress Managed Hosting Services

These are the services we provide as part of our hosting for WordPress websites we have developed.

Database Backups

The database of your WordPress website is critical to the sound operation of your website. Regular database backups are stored off-site for safety and ease of recovery.

Full Website Backups

A backup of your full website, excluding the WordPress core files, is stored off-site for fast recovery if required.

WordPress Core Updates

It is important, in particular for security, that your WordPress website be always updated to the latest WordPress version. Due to the immense popularity of WordPress it is a popular target for hackers and malicious code distribution. Fortunately there is a large community of “good hackers” that study the code and report security issues and fixes.

Whenever a vulnerability is reported the WordPress core team release an update to fix that issue. We apply these updates and any other releases as they become available.

Plugin Updates

Similar to WordPress, some plugins may have security vulnerabilities and as fixes are released they should be immediately applied. Additionally, WordPress updates may require some plugins to be updated so they work with the latest WordPress version.

We will check that plugin updates do not break your website and then upgrade to the latest version.

We will fix any issues that arise with updates on plugins we have installed in the development of your website.

Theme Updates

When WordPress releases updates some themes may require updates to operate with the latest WordPress version.

For themes we have developed for your website we will fix any issues that arise from WordPress core updates or the plugins we have installed.

Restore From Backup if Website Compromised

If we have built your website, host it and your website uses the plugins we installed and recommend, then in the unlikely situation your website is hacked we will restore it for no additional charge.

Other Systems Employed by WiseInternet

We operate a dedicated website for the monitoring of our WordPress websites. One of the website’s functions is to monitor all WordPress core and plugin updates. The monitoring service includes an emailed daily report to our system administrators of the status of all WordPress installations.

Your Management Dashboard

In addition to cPanel access for your WordPress website there is a centralised dashboard providing access to all your services including all billing information.

WordPress Hosting Management Dashboard

Dashboard Shortcuts

In your service area shortcuts take you directly to the various administration areas of your website.

Management Dashboard Shortcuts

WordPress Managed Hosting Plans

Monthly Fee$37.50$55.00$88.00
Annual Fee$375$550$880
Disk Space (MB)50010002000
Bandwidth (MB)150003000060000
Web Sites111
Mail AccountsN/AN/AN/A
Database Size (MB)50010002000
Offsite BackupsWeeklyEvery Other DayDaily