Managed Hosting Plan Changes

Announcement: February 22, 2020

Firstly, thank you for allowing WiseInternet to provide your website hosting and management service.

This is an important announcement that will affect your hosting service from 30th April 2020. The changes include an increase to prices, but also an increase to the products and services provided. By default, all hosting plans will change to the new pricing structure. However, at the end of this announcement you will find alternatives as I understand this change will not suit everyone, and the increased products and services are not required by some customers.

Over recent years we have maintained prices while the workload and services provided to host and manage WordPress and WooCommerce websites have increased. Due to these additional activities and services we must perform, plus the increases in costs from our suppliers, as of 30th April 2020 all WordPress and WooCommerce plans will increase to $59/month ($659 paid annually) and $79/month ($869 paid annually). WooCommerce multisite pricing will start at $79/month plus $29.50 per additional site. Managed servers are now $275/month including 5 managed websites.

In a percentage sense, this is a significant price increase, however it covers the extra time and technology we need to use to ensure that you receive a top-quality service.

So that you may compare the service we offer with the market in general I have detailed the behind the scene activities we provide on your behalf that are included in your plan.

In addition to our hosting service, we manage and maintain your WordPress/WooCommerce website. These services include:

  • We manage your WordPress core updates.
  • We manage all of your WordPress and WooCommerce plugin updates.
  • We monitor and repair ongoing vulnerabilities associated with all WordPress and WooCommerce websites and their plugins.
  • We provide SSL certificates for your website.
  • We back up your website database at least once every 24 hours, transfer and store externally on AWS storage for a minimum of 61 days.
  • We back up all your website files and folder structure at least once per week, transfer to AWS external storage and retain for at least 61 days.

Additionally, from 30th April 2020 we are including the following products and services in our managed hosting plans.

Licenses to premium plugins and themes (up to $1,350 value), including WPForms Pro, Elementor Pro, SearchWP, WP Rocket, Astra Pro, GeneratePress Premium, etc. See the full list here –

  • A commercial image optimisation service with EWWW.
  • A commercial email notification service with Mailgun.
  • DNS setup on Cloudflare, the world’s fastest DNS.
  • Setup on the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN).
  • Website speed optimisation service.

View all our website management service inclusions here –

If you are happy to proceed as usual with the new managed hosting plans with the additional products and services then you will be invoiced from 30th April 2020 at the new rates. The additional services, themes and plugins will be implemented on your website during May and June.

If you do not require this level of service and would like to move your hosting to a lower priced non-managed service we can move your website to WP Hosting (, a very good Melbourne-based hosting company, who have monthly hosting plans for $19, $29 and $49 depending on your requirements. Alternatively, if this is also not suitable then please email and we will provide you with a complete backup of your website using BackupBuddy with migration instructions.

Thank you again for your custom and please be assured we are working in your best interests to provide a superior product and service that ensures your site is performing at its best and your information is secure.

End of Announcement.