Online Shop Inclusions and Setup Process

Our basic website implementation for all online shopping websites includes a WooCommerce online shop, WordPress content management system and the following setup and inclusions.


Stage 1

Setup and Configure Website

  • WooCommerce
    Install latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce and responsive WooCommerce theme.
  • Plugins
    Install WiseInternet recommended plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.
  • File Repository
    Setup local and remote file repositories for tracking file changes, backup and security.
  • Google reCAPTCHA
    Setup a Google reCAPTCHA account and implement reCAPTCHA security on website forms.
  • Backup System
    Install backup system for storing off-site database and full website backups.
  • Google Analytics
    Setup Google Analytics account and install analytics on website.
  • Google Search Console
    Setup Google Search Console account and install on website.
  • Security
    Configure improved WordPress security.

Stage 2

Interface Design and Layout

  • Interface Design
    Implement custom interface design into WooCommerce theme.
  • Company Logo
    Include company logos and tag lines into website interface.
  • Corporate Theme
    Incorporate company colours into website interface layout.

Stage 3

Online Shop Setup

  • Setup company, merchant information and email notifications.
  • Configure tax calculations and price display.
  • Install and configure required payment gateways.
  • Setup email templates for customer communications.
  • Configure shipping options and calculation.
  • Link terms, conditions and privacy information to checkout process.

Stage 4

Add Website Content

  • Business Information
    Add company contact and address information throughout website.
  • Google Map
    Implement and configure Google Map of company address on website.
  • Automated Enquiry
    Setup and configure enquiry form including email content sent to recipients.
  • Home Page
    Add supplied home page content and format.
  • About Us Page
    Add supplied about us page content and format.
  • Blog
    Setup blog section of website and add an example post layout.
  • Widgets
    Configure widgets in sidebar of posts and pages including where required:

    • Recent posts
    • Recent comments
    • Archives
    • Categories
    • Meta information
  • Footer
    Configure website footer content and layout to include where required:

    • Company logo and tag line.
    • Address and contact information.
    • Copyright information
    • Navigation menu
    • Social media links

Stage 5

Product Catalogue Import and Setup

  • Import product categories and category images.
  • Import product catalogue including descriptions, image galleries and prices.
  • Configure on-site product search.

Stage 6

Website Testing and Launch

  • Each website is placed on a staging website for customers to check, approve and sign-off.
  • Prior to launch and after launch the following testing is undertaken:
    • Check content on every page.
    • Test for broken links, both internal and external site links using link checker tool.
    • Test website using PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, WebPageTest and W3C Validator.

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