Email account setup on Android 5.x.x (Lollipop) (SMTP/POP3) To set up Private Email account via POP3/SMTP protocols, do the following: 1. Open Settings of your Android device and tap on Accounts menu in section Personal: 2.... View Article

WiseInternet SmarterMail allows you to add trusted senders to help prevent legitimate emails being filed as junk. This article outlines how to manually add an email address or domain to your trusted sender list.

If you find legitimate emails from certain senders are often caught in your Junk Mail folder or you want to ensure that mail from specific senders is not flagged as spam you can setup a "Whitelist" in WiseInternet SmarterMail using Content Filtering.

By default you may find the spam detection levels too high, resulting in legitmate emails frequently being caught in your Junk Mail folder. If you wish you may adjust how WiseInternet SmarterMail deals with your spam.

Links to step by step instructions on adding a WiseInternet email account to specific mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Android, Samsung Mail, Apple Mail, iPhone/iPad, Thunderbird and Gmail.