WooCommerce Managed Hosting


WiseInternet’s hosting for WooCommerce is a fully-managed service for customers who’ve had their online shopping website developed by our team..

The website hosting includes scheduled database and file backups, WordPress and WooCommerce plugin updates and WordPress core system updates.

Our WooCommerce Managed Hosting Service

Following are some of the services we provide as part of our hosting for WooCommerce online shopping websites.

SSL Certificate Security

All online stores include the installation of an SSL certificate for full-site HTTPS security. This ensures all website data transfer is encrypted and communication is with the intended user only.

Daily Database Backups

The database of your WooCommerce website is critical to the integrity and sound operation of your online shop. Daily database backups are stored off-site for safety and ease of recovery.

Full Website Backups

Scheduled backups of your full WooCommerce website are implemented. These backups are stored off-site for fast recovery or use on a staging site if required.

WordPress Core and WooCommerce Updates

It is important, in particular for security, that your WooCommerce website is continually updated to the latest WordPress version. We apply these updates, and any other releases, as they become available to ensure the continual safe operation of your online shop.

Plugin Updates

Similar to the WordPress and WooCommerce update process, when plugin updates are released we undertake to apply these immediately. Additionally, WordPress and WooCommerce core updates may require some plugins to be updated so they work with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.

We will check that plugin updates do not break your website and then we will upgrade these plugins to their latest compatible version.

We will fix any issues that arise from updates on plugins we have installed on your website.

Theme Updates

When WordPress and WooCommerce release new versions some themes may require updates to operate with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions.

For themes we have developed for your online shop we will fix any issues that arise from WordPress core updates, WooCommerce updates and the plugins we have installed.

Online Shop Monitoring

We operate a dedicated website for the monitoring of our WooCommerce online shops. One of the website’s functions is to monitor all WordPress core, WooCommerce and plugin updates. The monitoring service includes an emailed daily report to our system administrators of the status of all WooCommerce installations.

Management Dashboard

In addition to administration access to manage your WooCommerce online shop there is a client portal providing access to all your services including hosting, domains. support tickets and your account and billing information.

WooCommerce Hosting Management Dashboard