Why WordPress and WiseInternet?

Why would I consider employing WiseInternet to implement my WordPress content management system?

  • We are an experienced business providing internet solutions since 2001.
  • We have developed our own WordPress responsive design themes that work on all devices.
  • We have developed our own Installation and configuration system to improve security measures and prevent hacking of WordPress websites.
We can help you with a professional WordPress
website for your business.

We build content management systems using WordPress.

Why would I consider WiseInternet to host my WordPress content management system?

  • We operate our own hosting infrastructure located in a high-security data centre in Melbourne. Our website hosting servers have been managed and maintained by the same company since 2005.
  • Scheduled server image backups are taken to enable quick disaster recovery.
  • Security updates are deployed to all servers as they become available.
  • Most importantly, we only host websites that we have developed.
  • We offer private client hosting only. We do not offer hosting services to the general public. We do not allow clients to upload websites developed by other companies.

If WiseInternet develop my WordPress website can it be hosted by another company?

  • Yes, all WordPress websites we develop can be deployed to any other hosting company that can host WordPress websites.
  • WordPress websites we develop can be hosted on Windows-based or Linux-based servers.

Can I provide a WordPress theme for WiseInternet to install on our WordPress website?

  • Generally no, as there can be potential security vulnerabilities. This was demonstrated recently with the Revolution slider vulnerability that enabled the hacking of thousands of WordPress websites in 2014.
  • We create custom responsive website designs for WordPress using proven WiseInternet-developed themes as a base.

Does this mean that if WiseInternet develop my WordPress website it will never be hacked?

  • No. However, if WiseInternet develop and host your WordPress website we guarantee to fix your website free of charge in the unlikely event of a security issue and correct any vulnerability.

Why should I select WiseInternet to develop my WordPress website instead of another company?

  • Ultimately this is your decision. Our advice for you is to evaluate the information provided by all companies. Then make your assessment, and selection, based on the company you believe best incorporates your requirements within a budget you are comfortable with.
Dancexcel Performance Studio

“My passion is teaching dance and operating our dance studio.

Trying to organise a website for my business was something I wasn’t looking forward to. What should the website look like? How should it be put together?

Fortunately I was referred to WiseInternet. The design, layout and content all came together seamlessly.”
Catherine, dancexcel.com.au