WiseInternet WordPress Website Review

If you have an existing WordPress content management system you would like us to manage then a thorough review of your website will be undertaken.


We would prefer to have cPanel access to your WordPress website installation before we undertake any review. However, if this access is not obtainable we can proceed with administrator access to your WordPress dashboard.

Stage 1


  • Backup Website
    Before any work is undertaken we will take a full backup of your website files including WordPress core files.
  • Backup Database
    A backup of your WordPress database will be downloaded.

Stage 2

Check and Update WordPress Core and All Plugins

  • Update WordPress Core
    Update to latest version of WordPress core.
  • Update Plugins
    Update all plugins to their latest stable versions.
  • Update Theme
    Update theme to latest available version.
  • Optimize Database
    Clean up and optimize WordPress database.
  • Check Website Function
    After core and plugin updates check website function.
    Fix any issues that have arisen from updates.
  • Check Plugins
    Research all installed plugins for any vulnerabilities.
    Determine if plugins are supported and can be trusted.
    Remove any dangerous plugins.
  • Check Theme
    Review theme and confirm compatibility with latest WordPress core version.
    Check theme for any vulnerabilities.

Stage 3

Configure Website Maintenance

  • File Repository
    Setup local and remote file repositories for tracking file changes, backup and security.
  • Backup System
  • Install backup system for storing off-site database and full website backups.
  • Google Analytics
    Setup Google Analytics account and install analytics on website.
  • Google Search Console
    Setup Google Search Console account and install on website.
  • Security
    Configure improved WordPress security including .htaccess file setup.

Stage 4

Website Testing

  • Setup website on a staging url for testing.
  • Undertake the following testing:
    • Broken Links Check:
      Test for broken links, both internal and external site links using link checker tool.
      Compile report of broken links.
      Fix broken links.
    • Mobile-Friendly Test:
      Check website on mobile devices.
      If not mobile-friendly suggest appropriate modifications.
    • Website Speed Test:
      Test website using PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix and WebPageTest.
      Compile speed test report.
      If required, suggest which areas may need improvement.

Stage 5

Website Transfer and Launch

This stage is appropriate for websites that are being reviewed and transferred to another server.

  • Provide access to a staging url for customer approval of website after updates and modifications.
  • Change DNS settings, where required, to point website address to new server.

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