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Hosting Data Centre

We provide a premium hosting service only available for websites developed by WiseInternet.

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There are a lot of website hosting options on the internet, but when it comes to business class website hosting, not all offer the stability and security you need.

WiseInternet operate our website hosting┬áspecifically for sites developed by WiseInternet. This ensures that your website’s hosting platform is configured to work perfectly with your website, and your presence will not be disrupted by experimental or malicious code placed on the server by others. What this means for you is that your website visitors can rely on your internet presence being available and working properly at all times.

We only host private clients

Only our own clients are hosted on our servers. This helps maintain the security and efficiency of your website. Complex problems can occur if a hosting company allows customers with non-conforming or experimental websites onto its servers. This means your website could slow down, be corrupted or even crash. WiseInternet manage all clients on our servers, and this gives you a problem-free hosting service. You can also be sure your website will not be black-banned by search engines like Google because of the actions of someone else hosted on your web server.

We can help you solve your website, email and cloud application problems.

Costs are $88.00 inc GST for the first half hour. Additional work, where required, can be quoted or continued at $132.00 inc GST per hour.

Secure physical infrastructure of our servers

Our servers are located in Melbourne, Australia, in a modern high-tech data centre. This secure, anonymous building is a world-class facility.

  • Geographic location

    Located in South Melbourne, it provides accessibility and anonymity. This purpose-built, multi-level building was built to provide continual protection and monitoring specifically for data centre operations.

  • Security

    Guards monitor every access point of the building. Security cameras and alarms are continuously monitored. The latest card access technology tracks and records all entries and exits. All visitors are escorted and must pass photographic identification.

  • Servers monitored 24 hours

    Our servers are monitored 24 hours a day all year round. Trained professionals provide telephone and on-site support for any emergency or administration needs.

  • Back-up

    We run comprehensive daily back-ups on all of our servers and copy these back-ups to external sources so in the event of any major mishap all systems may be recovered efficiently.